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NExt nraa webinar wednesday:
How Do You Measure Quality in Your Facility? Beyond the MAT

Wednesday, June 7
Review current CMS measures for dialysis facilities, including MAT, QIP, and Core Survey measures.

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  • I recently read from Patty Pelfrey, a response to the on the main community board post (Drugs included in Bundle) that a new medication coming out ( etelcalctide / Parasabiv ) will require the nurse to administer the end or post treatment {per insert ...

  • I was not able to open Cindy's attachment to see the drugs highlighted in red. Can someone send these in the body of the reply message? I would appreciate this. Thank You Audrey Audrey Scott, RN Director of Dialysis Services ...

  • CMS¬†proposed a J code for Sensipar and Parsabiv effective January 1, 2018. Amgen is pursuing a temporary Q code, but given the late date and the programming required by CMS to adjudicate claims,¬†it's unlikely it will be effective July 1, 2017. ------------------------------ ...

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