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I am a founder and CEO of Renal Billing we started in 2004 and have remained focused on intergrating business and clinical processes to improve facilities workflow, compliance and reimbursement.
My entry into the dialysis world came in 1980 as a Technician and a full time student at the University of Alabama Birmingham. My Dialysis experience is as follows, Chief Technician, Bonent certification in 1983, Dialysis sales rep in 1986 with Lee Medical, where I helped Spectra Labs get started. in 1990 National sales Manager for Haemotronics,1995 V.P. of Amuchina( a dialysis disinfectant company). I was a member of the AAMI dialysis manufacturer's commitee. Founder and CEO of Dialysis Innovations and Nephrology Recruiters. In 2002 I was a co-founder of National Renal Alliance, a provider of dialysis services in several states. I am also a founder and CEO of RenalSouth , which operated successful dialysis clinics in Louisiana, Arkansas and currently in Rome, Georgia. I am proud to say i have had and still have the pleasure of working with the finest and most dedicated professionals in the world.