Find Answers and Ask Questions

Find answers and ask new questions on NRAA Voices.

Step 1

Use the Search bar to find discussions already started on a particular subject. Limit your search to one short sentence or a few key words.

Step 4

To post, type your full question into the large text field. It’s helpful to include as many details related to your question. Also, be sure to include a descriptive subject line summarizing your question using 5-10 words. Avoid writing a subject line that is too general or vague.

Step 7

To help you track responses, you’re automatically subscribed to email notifications for any question you ask or respond to. To configure your email notifications, visit Preferences.

Step 2

Review the list of similar questions to see if any of them sound similar to the question you have. You might be able to find an answer without posting a new question.

Step 5

Select the community that you want your discussion/question to appear in (choose up to two via cross-posting). View all of our Communities and join as many that are important to you.


Encourage community members by marking responses that are helpful as 'Best Answer' or recommend it. This awards points and increases the member’s status in the community. It also makes it easier for others to find helpful responses.

Step 3

If you don’t find a similar discussion or question, click ‘Participate’ > ‘Post a Message’ at the top of any page. You'll be prompted to sign-in if you haven't already.

Step 6

Click Post. Your question will be posted to the community, where other members can view and reply to it.