• NRAA Urges HHS Secretary Azar to Ensure Dialysis Providers Receive COVID-19 Relief Funding

    [April 3] NRAA submitted a letter to HHS urging for dialysis providers to receive and be prioritized in the disbursement of relief.
  • Cancelled: NRAA Day on the Hill 2020

    Due to the time-sensitive challenges with COVID-19, we are cancelling our NRAA Day on the Hill legislative event scheduled for May 13, 2020.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information & Resource Page

    We are all concerned about the impact COVID-19 will have on our facilities, staff, and most importantly our patients. NRAA is gathering information and resources on the COVID-19 Hub.
  • 2020 NRAA Call for Presentations

    NRAA seeks presenters who can offer:
    Case studies of "lessons learned" in quality improvement
    First-hand experience implementing new programs, procedures or technologies
    Insightful techniques to maximize quality outcomes and reduce costs
    Practical ways to communicate and engage with patients and staff
    Practical ways to enhance the functioning of the interdisciplinary team
    Effective programs for promoting patient safety and reducing risks
  • NRAA Statement in Response to Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health

    NRAA Responds to Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health:: “Independent dialysis providers strongly support innovation, expanded treatment options, disease education and improved preventive care for patients with advanced kidney disease...." states Julie Williams, Administrator at Branson Dialysis and NRAA President.

    Self-nominate by: Sunday, August 4

    Every summer the NRAA Nominating Committee accepts self-nominations from potential dynamic leaders interested in leading NRAA into the future. As the Primary Representative of your Active Member Company, you are likely qualified to run for a position on the Board*. All members are encouraged to give serious consideration to this opportunity. This is a time consuming commitment, but the satisfaction of being in the position to influence potential changes to your industry will make it all worthwhile.
  • Call for NRAA Hospital-Based Acute Dialysis Partners

    The NRAA is seeking 6-8 volunteers who will be able to meet regularly to participate in a task force whose goal is to discuss the unique aspects that need to be managed in an Acute dialysis setting. From these discussions the task force will develop webinar programs or other educational material that will launch in 2020.

    Background: The NRAA Quality Committee identified a need to provide education and resources and build upon the network for management of Acute Dialysis programs. What is different in an acute program? How do you create staffing patterns? Who do you hire and how do you retain them? They are unique, isolated and SO independent in/the function of performing their roles. What strategy is implemented to combat this? What’s different about the built environment in acute care? What special populations are served? How can you track and report quality measures such as AKI recovery? If apheresis is a portion of your work-flow, how do you build success? Other key elements include urgent/emergent coverage for PD/home. What tools does the leader of the program have? The front-line staff? How important is autonomy in the nurse who works in an acute program?


    Project Goal/Description: Develop educational webinars and share quality tools that would prepare professionals to handle difficult discussions with their patients on transitional care and improve outcomes. Learning objectives to be centered around first identifying what is different about management in an Acute/inpatient setting versus the ESRD facility. Other partnerships could include “transitional” care out of the facility, palliative (ethics)/ACP, CMS Survey Reorientation/JCAHO, what should be audited for acute programs/ role of the Medical Director Leader, Home Referrals: Education.

    Length of Commitment: July 2019 – December 2019

    Frequency of Teleconference Calls: Up to weekly for one full hour to a minimum of meeting twice a month as needed to complete activities.

    Anticipated Timeline of Activities:

    1.      Define the scope of the problem – develop team objectives

    2.      Identify staffing patterns/define the standard.

    3.      Determine controllable variables in Acute Program – Quality Metrics

    4.      Review workforce planning

    5.      Define the “other” work done by acute teams (peritonitis, apheresis, etc)

    6.      Built environment

    Apply: Interested individuals should submit their interest to  In a few short sentences tell us how your experience can shape the future of Acute Dialysis across the country. This information will be submitted and a work-plan for 2020 will be determined. Space is limited*. 

    *NRAA is seeking 6-8 individuals
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    Required to receive member discount to the 2019 Annual Conference (registration opening soon). 

    Due: June 30, 2019

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    Each company can add unlimited individuals (Additional Contacts) at $50/each. Additional contacts:

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    NOTE: Company dues must be paid in order for:

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    Please follow these online payment instructions to complete the renewal of your organization’s NRAA membership.   

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  • CMS finalizes policies to bring innovative telehealth benefit to Medicare Advantage

    April 5, 2019

    Contact: CMS Media Relations
    (202) 690-6145 | CMS Media Inquiries


    CMS finalizes policies to bring innovative telehealth benefit to Medicare Advantage
    Final Rule will strengthen popular Medicare private health insurance plans, expand telehealth access for patients, and improve coordination for dual-eligible individuals

    Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized policies that will increase plan choices and benefits, including allowing Medicare Advantage plans to include additional telehealth benefits. These policies continue the agency’s efforts to modernize the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs, unleash innovation and drive competition to improve quality among private Medicare health and drug plans.

    “Today’s policies represent a historic step in bringing innovative technology to Medicare beneficiaries,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma. “With these new telehealth benefits, Medicare Advantage enrollees will be able to access the latest technology and have greater access to telehealth. By providing greater flexibility to Medicare Advantage plans, beneficiaries can receive more benefits, at lower costs and better quality.”

    The final policies announced today leverage new authorities provided to CMS in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, which President Trump signed into law last year. CMS is finalizing changes that would allow Medicare Advantage beneficiaries to access additional telehealth benefits, starting in plan year 2020. These additional telehealth benefits offer patients the option to receive health care services from places like their homes, rather than requiring them to go to a healthcare facility.

    Before this year, seniors in Original Medicare could only receive certain telehealth services if they live in rural areas. Starting this year, Original Medicare began paying for virtual check-ins across the country, meaning patients can connect with their doctors by phone or video chat. Historically, Medicare Advantage plans have been able to offer more telehealth services, compared to Original Medicare, as part of their supplemental benefits. But with the final rule, it will be more likely that plans will offer the additional telehealth benefits outside of supplemental benefits, expanding patients’ access to telehealth services from more providers and in more parts of the country than before, whether they live in rural or urban areas.

    CMS is also finalizing changes that will make improvements to Medicare Advantage and Part D Star Ratings so that consumers can identify high-value plans. The final rule updates the methodology for calculating Star Ratings, which provide information to consumers on plan quality. The new Star Ratings methodology will improve the stability and predictability for plans, and will adjust how the ratings are set in the event of extreme and uncontrollable events such as hurricanes.

    The final rule will improve the quality of care for beneficiaries dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid who participate in “Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans” or D-SNPs. These beneficiaries usually have complex health needs and if they have a complaint about their healthcare or about access to items and services, they have to work with multiple organizations, one responsible for Medicare benefits and another responsible for Medicaid benefits, in order to file an appeal. The final rule will create one appeals process across Medicare and Medicaid, which will make it easier for enrollees in certain D-SNPs to navigate the healthcare system and have access to high quality services. The final rule will also require plans to more seamlessly integrate Medicare and Medicaid benefits across the two programs, such as notifying the state Medicaid agency (or its designee) of hospital and skilled nursing facility admissions for certain high-risk beneficiaries, to promote coordination of care for these patients.

    Today’s announcement builds on the 2020 Rate Announcement and Final Call Letter released earlier this week that gives Medicare Advantage plans flexibility to offer chronically ill patients a broader range of supplemental benefits that are not necessarily health related and can address social determinants of health. With these new telehealth and supplemental benefits, Medicare Advantage plans will have the flexibility to provide a historic set of offerings to beneficiaries. Medicare Advantage plans will be able to compete for patients based on their new offerings and overall cost. CMS is working to update the Medicare Plan Finder with these new choices, so that beneficiaries will be able to see their new choices and benefits and can pick the plans that work best for them.

    For a fact sheet on the CY 2020 Medicare Advantage and Part D Flexibility Final Rule (CMS-4185-F), please visit:

    The final rule can be downloaded from the Federal Register at: